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Complete Recipe Kits

When we say complete, we mean complete! Each of these handcrafted moonshine recipe kits come with everything you need to make your own incredible tasting moonshine. It really comes with everything you need A-Z, even oak chips for aging!

SpiritCraft offers two kinds of kits

Quickshine is a sugar based moonshine kit. These are the easiest recipe kits. There are only about 6 steps to getting your ferment started and there is no specialized equipment that you need. These take about an hour to make and most of that time is waiting for water to boil.

TrueBrew All grain moonshine kits are grain based. These are your high-end kits for people who are going for the best quality and flavor. They’re all grain because you do not add any sugar. Don’t get us wrong, you can make excellent moonshine using sugar but these are on a whole different level. Inside the truebrew kits, all the fermentable sugars you need are included in the grains. The cooking process is about 15 steps and will take about 2-2.5 hours. Liquid enzymes are included so there are no extended cook or hold times with these kits.

Ferment time will vary slightly depending on temperature and condition for both kits but generally takes about 1-2 weeks.