The “Little Red” Stovetop 6 Quart Copper Pot Still

The “Little Red” Stovetop 6 Quart Copper Pot Still


“Little Red” is our most economical still and can easily be used on your stovetop. Its construction is as stout as the rest of our stills. This still is a hand made copper pot still made with 100% heavy duty 1mm. copper, complete with a vapor temperature gauge. This unit can be used if you’re just starting out, but a lot of our customers use it to test different recipes before running a larger batch in a bigger still. If it fits your budget give it a try!

The unit weighs less than five pounds and is small enough to store in any kitchen cabinet. But with its amazing stand and classic look, you’ll want to leave this 1.5 gallon still out for everyone to see.

Product Description

Our 6 quart stove top still is incredibly easy to use and it looks great as a decoration!

  • 6 Quart Total Capacity
  • 1 mm Thick Copper
  • Handmade Hammered Look
  • Brilliant Finish


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