Complete Hose and Pump Kit

Complete Hose and Pump Kit


This is used for creating a closed loop system to constantly run cool water over your condensing coil. This is for those of you who don’t want to use a garden hose or have other ways to keep a cool flow of water going over the condensing coil without making a mess.  This unit works for all our stills, 4 gallons and up!

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Product Description

What else will you need? You’ll need some kind of basin to hold the water that is being recirculated. A five gallon bucket will work but the bigger the better! Simple!

In the box:

1x 6 foot Clear Flexible Input Hose
1x 6 Foot Clear Flexible Output Hose
1x Adjustable Flow 120V AC Submersible Water Pump
1x Hose Adapter for Water Pump
2x Easy Turn Hose Clamps


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